For Schools

As you wind up 2022 and reflect on your students, your resources, and let's face it, any extra room left in your budget before the year ends, I thought I'd take the time to introduce myself and our business, and ask that you consider giving you student the gift of representation in 2023!

Did you know that about 70% of the children's literature industry is white? In 2018, there were more books published featuring an animal protagonist (27%) than Black (10%), Latix (5%), Indigenous (1%) or Asian (7%) main characters! I know if you look around your classrooms and wider school community, these statistics don't represent the realities of your world.

In Australia it can be hard to source books that feature characters of colour - not that many titles make the mainstream sellers and if they do, we don't always know which titles to search for. Little Black Library is our small contribution to the diverse books movement - a curated website dedicated to books with black, brown and indigenous voices, stories and characters.

Diverse Books can:

- Serve as mirrors, affirming our lives and experiences

- Introduce readers to history and traditions of any one cultural group

- Challenge racial and cultural stereotypes

- Keep alive the customs and values of social groups

- Act as windows, offering views of other worlds, both real and imagined

- Open up important conversations about race, belonging and acceptance

All children have a right to see themselves and their experiences reflected in the books they read, as well as having books which open up new worlds, both real and imaginary. This is not about political correctness, but about the need for books that reflect the reality of children's lives.

If your school library or classrooms are looking to increase the diversity offering in your books available to students and families this year, I'd love you to click here to download a PDF version of our special "Schools Catalogue" and check out our Diverse Books School Packages!

To place order, simply return the order form on page 4 with your preferred package options ticked, and we'll send across an invoice for payment, click the package options below and check out with your school details, or add the For Schools options below, to your cart!

I so look forward to hearing from you and working with you to create more inclusive school literary environments for 2023!

Wishing you a safe and happy end to the year, and a positive start to 2023.