I Am Thinking My Life


I am the architect of my dreams.

I am sculpting my world. I am clay. I am motion. I am light. I am what I think.

Bursting with imagination, this ode to positive thought demonstrates a young girl’s ability to use the power of her mind to transform her world. (Ages 3–7)

I Am Thinking My Life illustrates how the power of positive thinking can be the secret to manifesting hopes and dreams over time.

An imaginative little girl thinks inspired thoughts, envisions positive actions, and engages in creative activities as she unveils the secret connection between her thoughts, dreams, and actions. Her visions of her future unfold in brilliant, heartwarming illustrations.

A child’s first person look at manifestation, affirmations, and the law of attraction, this encouraging picture book will help children build confidence and self-esteem, while still acknowledging that there will be obstacles and storms in life that must be weathered.

Filled with positive affirmations and an encouraging message about the role positivity and mindfulness play in bringing hopes and dreams to fruition, I Am Thinking My Life makes a wonderful gift, and will appeal to children and adults alike.