This Book is Anti-racist Journal


Based on the #1 NYT bestseller, this reflective journal contains more than 50 activities to support your anti-racism journey.

Within these pages, you will find some familiar information and you'll find new reflections and prompts to go deeper.

In This Book Is Anti-Racist, Tiffany Jewell and Aurelia Durand gave us an essential volume to understand anti-racism. Now, in the journal companion, understand your anti-racist self and dive further into the work. There's space to learn and grow through activities centered around identity, history, family, your universe, disruption, self-care, privilege, art, expression, and much more. This is your anti-racist toolkit.

"Continue to stay awake, start taking action, and always lean into the work of disrupting racism. Together, we can abolish the system that continues to misuse and abuse power and collectively work for anti-racism." Tiffany Jewell